Image text: "Affordable Electric Cars Promised at COP26".

Affordable Electric Cars Promised at COP26 – What it Means for You

Affordable electric cars have been promised at COP26. The UN Climate Change Conference 2021 in Glasgow has committed to making zero-emission vehicles “affordable for everyone.” As governments attempt to limit transportation’s role in global warming, UN climate negotiations have agreed on a programme to make electric automobiles and other zero-emission vehicles available and affordable in […]

Good Reasons to be Optimistic About Averting Climate Change

Isn’t it time to start being optimistic about averting climate change? There are many good reasons to consider that the tide is turning and a huge swell of social forces is now ready to push through the huge changes needed? The following is an article republished from Business Green, which we think deserve further thought: […]

Text: "Climate change action new UK unifier?".

Has Climate Change Action Become the New Common Ground for the UK Nation

‘An issue to unite us’: How climate action became the common ground for the fractured UK. A major study debunks the view that climate change concern is the purview of an ‘elite’ group in the UK, but warns policymakers and businesses that they need to nurture the mandate in support of climate action. ‘Eco-woke’, ‘puritanical’, […]

Featured image illustrates the article about "climate change oil companies".

Climate Change Oil Companies Align with 2015 Paris Agreement Pledges

Climate Change Oil Companies are signing up to the 2015 Paris Agreement Pledges and joining the fight to reduce global warming in decarbonization renewable energy production. For climate change avoidance to work, it was always going to need the major oil companies to themselves commit to the Paris Agreement pledges made by the world’s nations in 2015. We […]

Image showing report cover for report which says UK government action is needed on climate change reduction, with support for biomethane.

UK Government Action Needed: Assisting Biomethane Could Cut 30% Off CO2 Emissions

Wondering where UK Government Action is most needed to cut carbon emissions? A new report says that assisting UK biomethane production could cut 1/3 off the carbon emission from the hardest to decarbonise sectors. Hopefully the UK, and other governments, are currently thinking hard on how to cut it! The new report says that assisting […]

Biomethane powered car and the delegation in Bonn to discuss how to reduce the impact of global warming.

WBA in Talks on Climate Change Commitment to Major Emissions Reductions by 2030

The WBA is in Talks on their Climate Change Commitment to major emissions reductions by 2030. At last! We have been saving for more than 10 years that it’s about time real plans were made to reduce the impact of global warming, and all the time carbon emissions have in fact been escalating year on […]

Thumbnail image illustrating the aims of net zero carbon buildings

Net Zero Carbon Buildings – The Secrets of Zero Carbon Building Design

Net zero carbon buildings will be an essential requirement for all nations who will achieve net zero carbon emissions targets in 2050. Our buildings are responsible for a large proportion of carbon emissions, and will have to be reduced in order to reduce the impact of climate change. We were fascinated by the ideas in […]

Image features a biogas plant which can help fight climate change.

Promote Biogas and Help with the Fight Against Climate Change

Here is a Press Release which might interest you in the fight against climate change. It explains current poor progress on reversing the worst effects of climate change. It describes a presentation I attended at the start of the World Biogas Summit in Birmingham UK, at the beginning of July this year. What I heard […]

Pixabay Image 3325804

ADBA Welcomes Government Moves to UK ‘Net Zero’ Emissions by 2050

The UK is readied to become the very first significant economy to commit to reaching “Net Zero” carbon discharges (UK ‘Net Zero’ Emissions) by 2050. The statement made by the government last week (June 2019) has been widely rated as a substantial but achievable goal. However, the fixing our global climate will require action which […]

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