Good Reasons to be Optimistic About Averting Climate Change

Isn’t it time to start being optimistic about averting climate change? There are many good reasons to consider that the tide is turning and a huge swell of social forces is now ready to push through the huge changes needed?

The following is an article republished from Business Green, which we think deserve further thought:

Building optimism and excitement about the transition ahead

VIDEO: Co-founder of Global Optimism Tom Rivett-Carnac speaks to Amazon’s vice president for worldwide sustainability Kara Hurst about building optimism and excitement about the transition ahead

Meeting the challenge of climate change must become part of a new human story, of striving for a better life on the only planet that can sustain us.

Up until now the story we’ve been telling ourselves is that we’re doing the best we can, but climate science is telling us our best is nowhere near enough. This is not terribly inspiring.

To get the level of action required from us as citizens, business leaders and governments, we have to pledge and deliver real and consequential action that changes the story from one of doom to one of stubborn optimism – economically, environmentally and in human terms.

Net Zero Festival: How do we change the story we tell about climate change?

At BusinessGreen’s recent Net Zero Festival, Global Optimism Tom Rivett-Carnac spoke to Amazon’s vice president for worldwide sustainability Kara Hurst about what’s happening in the real economy to change the story that committing to net zero is bringing forward, and the exciting changes that are possible. The conversation can be watched in full above.

All of the panel debates, keynote speeches, and presentations from the world’s first Net Zero Festival – which took place over three days from 30 September featuring hundreds of top speakers from business, politics and academia – are now available to watch again on demand through the Net Zero Festival website.

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