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Image features a biogas plant which can help fight climate change.

Promote Biogas and Help with the Fight Against Climate Change

Here is a Press Release which might interest you in the fight against climate change. It explains current poor progress on reversing the worst effects of climate change. It describes a presentation I attended at the start of the World Biogas Summit in Birmingham UK, at the beginning of July this year. What I heard […]

Pixabay Image 3325804

ADBA Welcomes Government Moves to UK ‘Net Zero’ Emissions by 2050

The UK is readied to become the very first significant economy to commit to reaching “Net Zero” carbon discharges (UK ‘Net Zero’ Emissions) by 2050. The statement made by the government last week (June 2019) has been widely rated as a substantial but achievable goal. However, the fixing our global climate will require action which […]

Image showing a lack of environmental stewardship

Global Environmental Stewardship – Truths About Environmental Damage

The truth about environmental damage in the UK, and the possibility that the gaping hole in the world’s ability to achieve a sustainable global environmental stewardship can be filled. In current times it has been accepted by researchers, and since 2015 by all the global governments that voted to support the Paris Climate Change Agreement, […]

Pixabay Image 3294652

Hurricane Katrina: Worsened by Climate Change?

While writing so soon after the event it is too early for those in the US to begin to look a the wider realities of climate change, into which Katrina may be giving us a glimpse. Those of us in the UK can begin to analyse a worrying trend in hurricane intensity which it appears […]

Eileen McDargh

Intelligent Optimism Wins In Today’s World

Eileen McDarghEileen McDargh The reality of today’s world seems to leave little room for optimism. Almost every news story can lead because it does bleed. We hear of critical food shortages in Africa, daily gang deaths on city streets, the profiteering from child pornography, and the climatic disasters prompted by global warming. Health care costs […]

Pixabay Image 3382791

Global Warming Issues are in your Hands

By: David Yuri, written on: 2006-08-30 There has been a lot of talk on the subject of global warming issues. Specialists believe that human activities in the past 50 years have given a negative boost to climate change. After a long series of tests and chart observations, it seems that the primary culprit for global […]

bottled water and climate change effect

Bottled Water – Is It Really So Cool?

Written by Steve Last Bottled water just looks so refreshing on the supermarket shelves, and huge quantities are sold. But are we deluding ourselves to think that it is better than tap-water, and what are the health and environmental (including climate change) consequences? I am sure that when most of us pick up a bottle […]