Say Sorry to Our Children and Begin Climate Change Emergency Preparations

It is very nearly time to say sorry to our children and begin climate change emergency preparations. Don’t believe it? Then read on:

Man has been living a more comfortable life than ever before. But, at the expense of the environment. It has gotten so bad now that it’s time to start saying sorry…

We want more, for ourselves and future generations. But he has become greedy to the point of wanting more than what Mother Nature can afford. 2.5 planets more to put a figure on it!

The environmental disasters that are reported in different countries almost every day should serve as a wake up call to humanity. We must now be more considerate of the environment. Mother Nature may be generous but she is also becoming very angry and vindictive. She has reached the saturation point.

Recent Climate Disasters – Are we Beginning a Climate Change Emergency

The strong typhoon, earthquake, soil erosion leading to the collapse of residential areas are just some of the common disasters that are actually caused by men. Illegal logging, the throwing of industrial wastes in the rivers, increased used of un-biodegradable materials like plastics are only among the few sins mankind has committed against nature.

Evidence will point out to the fact that environmental retribution will most likely behold mankind soon and he should be prepared for a major disaster brought about by climate change anytime now or in the future.

Greenhouse Effect Increasingly Warming the Atmosphere as Methane and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations Rise

The issue on the greenhouse effect is not just propaganda in order for environmentalist groups to earn their funding requirement. Global warming is upon us and this can be gleamed from the major environmental changes like too much heat, too much cold and other phenomenon that mankind is faced with.

But no matter what mankind does now, he can ever revert global warming; he can only delay or reduce it.

So, its time to start saying sorry to our children and all future generations.

Stop! Don’t Waste Time Saying Sorry Act to Combat and Alleviate the Negative Effects

What is important is mankind knows the possible effects of climate change and what can be done to alleviate the negative effects.

Climate change will now lead to emergencies like the increasing level of the sea water, ferocious forest fires and other manifestations. World leaders must now have emergency programs that they will implement to make sure that lives are not lost and properties are not wasted.

The first thing to do is to launch a massive information campaign to make the whole world aware of what is happening in the environment as a result of climate change. People should know what to expect in terms of the possible environmental disasters as well as the possible diseases that may be caused by climate change.

The best emergency preparation kit for people all over the world is knowledge. Knowledge on what is about to befall them once the effects of climate change becomes manifest in our environment would help societies lessen the brunt of the anger of Mother Nature.

Every country should say SORRY!

Image emphasises that we need to apologise to later generations about this Climate Change Emergency.The world must must also prepare for emergencies brought about by climate change. Even the first world countries that have all the technology would have a hard time facing this disaster. How much more the third world countries that are not even past the problem of providing food resources for their citizens?

Sorry, but every household should now be taught how to prepare for climate change emergencies.

They should no longer rely on their governments to see them through the effects of climate change. Once it happens, unless we act RIGHT NOW, there is a possibility that even governments will become overwhelmed.

Everyone has to act now. That or just “say sorry”, and see how much that helps! They do not have a choice.

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