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Support for the Kyoto Protocol

Dr Mike Hulme from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research holds the opposite opinion to Lombourg, and believes that it is essential that the Kyoto Protocol be implemented. His view is that the benefit-cost analysis used by Lombourg is inappropriate. Hulme (2001) argues that our responsibilities to future generations and global justice are the […]

Opposition was made against the Kyoto protocol

Opposition to the Kyoto Protocol

Those who do not believe CO2 is the most significant greenhouse gas form part of the opposition to the Kyoto Protocol. They believe that the effect of increasing CO2 levels will have little effect on climate, and this debate has lead to questions about the effectiveness of implementing the Kyoto Protocol. The argument of the […]

climate change in agriculture

Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture

Author: John Pearce Climate change will have a dramatic impact on agriculture and food production over the next few decades. Changes will be rapid and unpredictable, and will have a devastating impact on those most vulnerable, as we have seen from the droughts in Africa and people affected by increasingly powerful hurricanes. Our future is […]


Coral Reefs: A potential climate change disaster?

A study by Langdon et al. (2000) predicts that due to global warming, the world’s coral reefs could be reduced by as much as 40% by the year 2065. The corals secrete calcium carbonate to build the skeletons that form reefs. The reefs themselves are home to an extremely diverse ecosystem, and serve as natural […]

Global Warming “The Awakening”

How many Natural Disasters will it take to wake the World up to the encroaching situation? Are people so wrapped up in their little worlds, as not to see the impending retribution of Nature itself? There are many new and innovative ideas that will help to bring the World back from the brink of its […]

Climate Change and Asian Monsoon in the Hindu-Kush Himalaya (HKH)

By Environmentalists: Dipesh Raj Pant and Arjun Kumar Limbu E-mail: “Once the climate changes, it is not only very difficult; but, almost impossible to retain it”. Can you imagine “HKH” without the “Monsoon Season?” “D-A” The two simple words “Climate Change” is one of several biophysical factors encompassed by the term Global Environmental Change […]

Is Your Global Warming? The Alarming Rate of CO2 Rise (as seen in 2006)

Author: J Schipper Carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas linked to global warming, is accumulating in the Earth’s atmosphere at an increasing rate, according to a new study released by the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The research has renewed concern that the ability of the environment to absorb the gas may be waning. […]

slide of Melting ice walls lavender sky

Will Global Warming Cause the UK to Cool?

Substantial uncertainties exist when trying to predict how large areas will react to the changing climate, and when it comes to global climate the UK is an anomaly. This is because it is warmer than other countries located at the same latitude e.g. Newfoundland. The reason for this warmth is the Gulf Stream, which draws […]

Global Warming is Now Affecting New York

by William Sutherland The US is waking up fast to the reality of global warming or climate change, as this very readable article shows. Global Warming – New YorkGlobal Warming’s Imprint on New York City: As global mean temperatures continue to rise moving the Earth into its warmest period in 10 million years, New York […]

Is there really No Global Warming?

The video below is part of a CNN documentary. It finishes in the middle of an interesting discussion of the UNFCC’s “hockey stick” graph, which has been so persuasive to many in convincing them that Climate Change is really caused by anthropological activity. However, their alternative conclusion is lost when the video ends abruptly. Nevertheless […]