Climate Change Frequently Asked Questions

Climate Change FAQ

Climate Change Frequently Asked QuestionsWe’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at support@climate-change.me.uk .

[Faq 1]
slide of Melting ice walls lavender skyWhat is the purpose of the Kyoto agreement?
The object of the Kyoto pact is to reduce greenhouse gases.

[Faq 2]
What are the so called greenhouse gases?
The popular term “greenhouse gases, refers to those gases in the earth’s atmosphere generated by man, which tend to absorb heat from the sun to a greater extent than other gases in the atmosphere. By so doing these gases are thought to be a primary cause of globate warming.

[Faq 3]
Variations in the earth’s temperature have always taken place surely?
Yes, but the rate of change appears to be unnaturally high.

[Faq 5]
What is the meaning of “anthropogenic”
Simply: Produced or caused by humans.

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